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What is the Film Coterie?

The Film Coterie is a podcast about movies. We are aware that we are at least six years too late arriving to this medium but maybe we'll get a footnote on wikipedia about being the very last podcast ever created. The idea for the podcast came about because we go to the movies each and every Thursday night as a group and then proceed to stand in the parking lot and discuss the film (and other nonsense). Why not record it? Why not release it for others (hopefully) to hear? What do we have to lose, besides $300 in startup costs and our dignity? We sincerely hope that you will join on us on this adventure. We have a few good ideas for formats and segments to get the ball rolling and we are excited to find out what works and what doesn't work. That's where you can help! Like something we do? Let us know and we'll continue to do it and tweak it as needed. Hate something we do? Let us know and we will reevaluate the segment or bit. We obviously expect a small listener base at first, so you can actually play a big role in shaping how the Film Coterie will evolve. You will get to know us better as individuals over the first couple of episodes, but here's a quick and dirty primer on the three hosts: Adam - If you are looking to find Adam during one of his vacations from work, you won't find him on a beach, on a cruise, or on the slopes. Instead, you will find him in a dark theater at some film festival or convention. Adam makes an annual pilgrimage to Fantastic Fest in Austin and a rotating slew of other festivals each year. And then half-mad from watching movies all day for a week straight and witnessing the weirdest and most bizarre films the world has to offer, Adam returns home to excitedly detail and explain to his friends what he has seen. It mostly comes out in gestures, pictograms, and grunts. Adam is the resident horror movie fan among the three hosts and loves a good midnight movie at the local indie theaters. His love for the horror genre stems back to his childhood when he would scoop up as many horror films from the local video store or library as he could and subject his grade school friends to a night of terror. From Dario Argento to Rob Zombie, Adam (mostly) loves the length and breadth of the genre. If you want to follow him on twitter, he's @atbarney.

Matt - Unlike the other two members of The Film Coterie, Matt did not find his love of film until later in life. Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, he had access to three television channels, one of which was PBS. When his family got its first VCR (yes he is old) things didn’t much change, as the only movie in the house was a bad bootlegged copy of Top Gun. Not until college did Matt discover the beauty of film, especially strange midnight showings.

Although a fan of most genres of film, he is always up for a good British gangster film, or anything that swings for the fences with original ideas or thoughts, even if they miss. If you stick around long enough, you might even discover why he feels compelled to watch anything related to time travel, why he must watch anything with Malcolm McDowell, and why he physically cannot watch embarrassing scenes. You can find him on twitter at @mattfilmcoterie. Roger wears many hats and sometimes more than one at a time! He is a teacher, writer, blogger, musician and podcaster. He produces three other podcasts besides this one and has a personal movie blog He is a fan of classic Hollywood especially the golden era of movies 1930's-1950's Hollywood. He enjoys all genre's except Horror where if you can drag him to one you will see him cowering in the corner of the theatre.

In his personal life he enjoys playing music as a drummer and bass player with his band 42 and spending time with his wife and three teenagers. You can follow him on twitter at @Roger_Legg. So now you know us and you know our mission. We hope you enjoy our podcast and we sincerely want you to reach out to us on social media and let us know what you think. Tweet at us! Send us an e-mail! Do facebooky things on Facebook. We are here and we are listening to you.

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