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The Film Coterie Episode 17: Live from the Buxton Inn / Special Guest: Clay McLeod Chapman / The Inn


Episode 17 of the Film Coterie is now available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Subscribe to us on iTunes and get all of our new episodes automatically. Like us on Facebook and you'll be kept up to date on all of our new articles and developments.

On this week's very special episode, the guys recorded their podcast on location at the haunted Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio. Learn about its haunted history from Kevin, the co-host with Roger on TFC Classics. Then we have a real treat for you. Clay McLeod Chapman (of the Pumpkin Pie Show) called in to share a tale with us. His performance of Michelle is awesomely creepy and you really need to check it out! Here are some timestamps if you want to jump right to that content: his interview starts at 16:18 and his performance of Michelle starts at 29:30. Finally, the guys sit down in the dark basement tavern of the Buxton Inn to watch and review Ti West's The Innkeepers. All this and more on The Film Coterie!

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