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Come See Us at Days of the Dead: Louisville!


We are all set up and ready to go for Days of the Dead Louisville! Our table is located in the main hallway, directly across from the Celebrity area.

Here's what we have going on this weekend:

Monster Mash 2017. Come vote on our brackets and help determine which Monsters advance to the next round and which shall fall into oblivion. DOTD attendees are the exclusive voters in our first round of 64. The Monster Mash will continue in the coming weeks during our podcast and everyone will be able to vote online and help determine the ultimate winner.

The Prize Wheel of Terror - If you like us on Facebook, follow us on Soundcloud, or Subscribe to us on iTunes and spin our prize wheel. Win a random horror movie, a chance to shout out whatever you would like on our podcast, or the opportunity to name a movie that shall be entered into our "Bag of Shame." In case you aren't familiar with the Bag of Shame, it's a collection of movies that are used as punishment against the hosts in various challenges. Do your worst.

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