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Why I Love Star Wars


Many people can tell you how they fell in love the Star Wars, when they saw the first movie and what their entry point into the series was. My story is similar to millions of others I was a young boy when I saw the first film and was present on release day for each of the entries thereafter. But I started thinking about WHY I fell in love with Star Wars. Unlike my younger brothers I did not collect the toys as a matter fact I was never really into any of the merchandise, but I loved the Star Wars movies.

First it has to do with the experience of the films and their impact upon me in my formidable years. I was seven years old when Star Wars A New Hope was released. I will never forget that I got to see this film because my dad took me and my two brothers to the theater to see it. This may sound unremarkable, but you have to understand that my dad was a hard-working blue-collar construction guy. It was not uncommon for him to put in 60-70 hour work weeks. My dad did not go to the movies ever. However he took an afternoon off to take me and my two brothers to go see SW: A New Hope. It was as much the idea that my dad would take the time off to spend with me as it was the complete beauty and awe of the first film that has always held a special place in my heart. That bonding time, three boys and their dad at the movies that was an incredible experience, which has stuck with me through the years.

The second reason of why I fell in love with the Star Wars films was because of the impact and emotional connection I had with The Empire Strikes Back. My first formidable, emotional, gut-wrenching experience came at the ripe old age of 10 when I discovered that (spoiler here), Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father. This was like a meteor crashing from outer space that I did not see coming until it was upon me. How could I ever forget the feeling of my heart dropping out of my chest as I heard the phrase: “No Luke, I Am Your Father…” This was the first time I discovered that movies could have an incredible emotional impact.

Lastly, the reason WHY I love Star Wars and will continue to love Star Wars is because of the connected bond you get watching these films. I can remember going not only with my two brothers, but also several cousins and other extended family members to see the release of each of the films in the series. Just before Episode One: The Phantom Menace was released, the original trilogy was re-released in the theater. I did not have kids at the time, but my nephew was seven years old the same age I was when SW: A New Hope came out. There I was all these years later eating popcorn, sitting on the front row like I did with my dad, enjoying time with my nephew watching this classic film.

Why do I love Star Wars? Simply because the Star Wars Movies are the spaceship I can travel in to bond and connect with friends and family.

Well that's my story. What is yours?

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