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Come Hang Out with The Film Coterie at MARCON


Good Afternoon from the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans! We are very pleased to announce that MARCON was kind enough to let us take over one of their late night blocks and we are going to share some of our favorite horror shorts from the last year. Join us for the first ever The Film Coterie Presents: Late Night Horror Shorts Extravaganza!!! Our panel will be on Saturday, May 12 at 10:00 PM in the Fairfield Room of the Hyatt Regency. Weekend and Single Day badge information can be found Here.

Remember the good old days when you went to other people's houses to watch horror movies and your friends didn't just sit there and stare at their cellphones? We want to recreate those glory days with you as we show these horror shorts in a fun 80's style sleepover party, we'll even provide the two liters, pizza, and candy. So dress comfortably and feel free to bring your own snacks and treats to share.

The shorts that we are programming for this block will be a mix of horror and horror comedy. These are all unrated, but would likely fall into the R or TV-MA categories if they were to be rated. You should expect some blood and guts (sometimes humorous, sometimes horrific) and lots of dread and terror. We should have you gasping and chuckling in about equal measure.

We will be announcing the full lineup closer to the event, but we are so very excited to tease you with a few of the shorts that we have locked in.

Born Again from Columbus' own Jason Tostevin (who directed and co-wrote this short) and Hands Off Productions features the worst Satanists you'll ever see. I promise after this short, Greg will be one of your new favorite characters. This short has won a ton of awards and accolades and has played major festivals like Sitges.

Compulsion from writer / director Brian Sepanzyk is one of the most visually striking and atmospheric serial killer films I have ever seen. This one will stick with you.

Great Choice from writer / director Robin Comisar took home the Best Horror Short award from the Overlook Film Festival in 2017. A lady gets stuck in a Red Lobster commercial, that's all you really need to know.

Lunch Ladies from writer / producer Clarissa Jacobson took home Best Horror Comedy Short from the Nightmares Film Fest last year and is one of the best shorts we've seen in years. Seretta and LouAnn are the titular lunch ladies who will let nothing get in between them and meeting Johnny Depp (or the "Depper" as they affectionately call him).

Tethered from director and co-writer Dan Robinette features a solitary boy who is literally tethered to his home with a rope. What life-changing discovery is just outside his reach?

These are just a few of the shorts that will be playing in the block. So gather up a few of your MARCON friends and join us on Saturday night. We'll have a table in the hallway so make sure to stop by and see us before that as well.

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