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We've finally arrived at MARCON week! If you didn't catch our post from earlier, we are beyond thrilled to be presenting our first ever Late Night Horror Shorts Extravaganza on Saturday night.

Puppets! Zombies! Questionable Parenting! Scary Furniture! Death Metal! Serial Killers! Satanists! And Lunch Ladies! Oh, those Lunch Ladies.... Stefan would agree that this shorts block has everything.

The goal in putting together this program was to share the best of the best horror and horror comedy shorts that we've seen over the past 2 years. All of these shorts are award-winning and have been playing on the festival circuit, so we are excited that we were able to curate our personal favorites and share them with the MARCON crowd. We love all of these shorts and we think you will too.

Here's a peek at the lineup (there may still be a few surprises):

Born Again from Jason Tostevin and Hands Off Productions - A short horror comedy about the worst Satanists ever.

Compulsion from Brian Gary-Busey Sepanzyk - To give in, the blood must flow.

Creswick from Natalie James - Sam's fear of her childhood home is brought to light when her aging father claims there is another presence in the house.

Death Metal from Chris McInroy - A horror comedy featuring a metalhead, his satanic guitar and carnage.

Fun from Greg Kovacs - Anna and Ellery (a puppet) discover different interpretations of the word "fun".

I Baked Him a Cake from Sam Kolesnik and Vanessa Ionta Wright - Lenora, a young girl, wakes up excited to bake her father his favorite cake on his birthday.

Lunch Ladies from Clarissa Jacobson - Lunch Ladies is a short film about two burnt out high school Lunch Ladies who do whatever it bloody takes on their quest to become Johnny Depp's Personal Chefs. (SPECIAL NOTE - The Lunch Ladies were kind enough to deliver some swag... and a pie... to us. We did what we had to do with the pie, but we have plenty of swag to share so make sure to stop by our table during the weekend).

Tethered from Dan Robinette and 4 Leagues Media - Abandoned by his mother, Solomon is left to live in isolation while abiding by three rules. Having grown accustomed to his routine, he begins to realize the rules may be a hindrance to a life-changing discovery.

So we hope you will come see us Saturday night at 10 PM in the Fairfield room. We promise we will get you out in time for the Buffy sing-a-long.

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