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Smallfoot lands with a quiet thud in a hot fall season where there is no snow.


Well its 90 degrees outside and its fall in Ohio. There is much that is upside down in that statement just like in Warner Animations newest film Smallfoot. Channing Tatum, James Gordon and Zendaya take to the snow and Mountains in an attempt to bring us a fun, frigid, and full of laughs spectacle only to land moderately at a few laughs.

Smallfoot is nothing more than what it is meant to be. A child’s movie filled with unintelligent yeti’s and a large dose of classic Warner Bros slapstick, violence laden humor. Some of the time it works.

What separates Warner Animation and Disney/Pixar is simply one word, “story”. Disney/Pixar usually gets it. There is no story or development of any of the characters here and no one to really root for. Smallfoot delivers small laughs at the expense of the audiences intelligence.

Anyone over 5 will probably pass on this film.

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