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NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL has announced their full lineup and it is fan-fucking-tastic, looking to top their already stellar first two years.

If you haven't already heard me rave about this fest, let me bring you into the fold. NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL (NFF) is the best horror film festival on the planet. Consistently rated among the top reviewed festivals on Film Freeway and revered among former attendees, NFF is a four-day celebration of #betterhorror that takes place at the amazing Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio from October 18 thru 21. What separates NFF from the other specific genre fests is the community that attends and the lineup of films that you won't see anywhere else.

Ask any former attendee about NFF and they will praise the filmmakers, actors, writers, producers, and fans that attend each year. Friendships are formed, new projects are born, and lasting relationships are forged. Bar none, this is the best networking opportunity that I've ever witnessed for anyone interested in film.

Let's talk about these films. There will be 24 features that will be playing throughout the weekend. If you are film fest junkies like us, you check out a lot of lineups throughout the year and you can see a pattern develop where a core block of films seems to be playing everywhere. That has never been the case with NFF. Co-founders Jason Tostevin and Chris Hamel program this festival with one objective in mind: #betterhorror. This isn't just a branding hashtag, this lineup of films will represent the very best of horror and puts a spotlight on the boundaries that are being pushed and redefined by a diverse group of filmmakers.

We'll be highlighting some of these films as we get closer to the fest, but here's the list of features:

  • Alive

  • The Bad Man (World Premiere)

  • Beats of Rage: The FP2

  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

  • Betsy

  • Book of Monsters (North American Premiere)

  • Camp Death III in 2D!

  • Clementina

  • Confessions of a Serial Killer

  • Dark Iris

  • The Field Guide to Evil (Midwest Premiere)

  • The Final Interview (World Premiere)

  • Haven's End (World Premiere)

  • The Head (North American Premiere)

  • Kill Ben Lyk (World Premiere)

  • La Puta es Ciega

  • The LaPlace's Demon

  • Livescream

  • Maniac (in 4K) (With director Bill Lustig in attendance)

  • More Blood!

  • Never Hike Alone

  • The Night Sitter (North American Premiere)

  • Skeletons in the Closet (World Premiere)

  • Trauma

The real high point of NFF is the shorts programming. I say this every year, but these shorts blocks are among the best curated programs that I see anywhere. Broken down into themed blocks (Horror, Horror Comedy, Midnight, Thriller, etc.), you have to make sure you plan to alternate your viewing schedule between the features and the shorts blocks.


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