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From Annapurna Pictures and Academy Award winning writer/director Adam McKay (THE BIG SHORT) comes the audacious and subversively comedic VICE, an unconventional behind-the-scenes look at former Vice President Dick Cheney’s stealthy rise from Congressional intern to the most powerful man on the planet.

Let me say upfront that I am a fan of Adam McKay and loved his earlier film The Big Short. With that being said Vice feels like a train wreck in comparison.

Yes there are solid performances from the cast especially from Christian Bale who is quickly becoming Daniel Day-Lewis like in his ability to transform his body for a role.

The struggle of Vice is that it has the same feel as the Big Short yet lacking the humor. Most if not all the jokes in my screening fell flat and the tone just kept getting more angry as the movie progressed. If that was McKay's intention then job done.

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