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5 Reasons Nick Fury didn't text Captain Marvel until Infinity War

With all the stuff going down in the Marvel Movies, why didn't Nick Fury text Captain Marvel sooner?

"Captain Marvel and Infinity War Spoilers Ahead"

Well I have 5 reasons why. The first two come directly from Kevin Feige during a recent interview. Then I summarize three more for your debate.

Kevin Feige's reasons:

1. REAL EMERGENCY. The last thing Carol Danvers said to Nick Fury is only use this if its a REAL emergency. Think about the the Marvel Movies before Infinity War. There have been cities and an Island threatened but not the whole planet. Does that constitute a REAL emergency?

2. How do we know he didn't page her before Infinity War. According to Kevin Feige, just because we didn't see Fury use the pager does not mean he didn't use it. Confusing enough?


Now my ideas...

3. It would make Fury look bad. Do you page CM during Civil War? Just to have her come back and find out that all the supers are fighting each other? No. Not reason enough.

4. Captain Marvel is doing important work. We know after the events of the movie that she is helping a whole species relocate. That would seem far more important than fighting a demi-god of two...

5. Fury had THE AVENGERS! Think about it. With ALL the other super heroes at his disposal does he really need to page CM? I think not.

Finally, Avengers Infinity War shows us the time to call on Captain Marvel. If half of the universe's population is desintegrating and your one of them! It's time for CM.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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