10 Movies worth your $5 rental right now!

March 12, 2019

So the last part of the Winter doldrums is here and Spring is just around the corner.  So what should you rent to hold you over until the warmth of nature calls?   Here are 10 movies worth the money.


10.  Mary Poppins Returns

MPR is a fun whimsical musical that the whole family can enjoy.  


9.  Can you ever forgive me?

 Melissa McCarthy gives a solid performance in this dark comedy about an author desperate to stay relevant.


8. Crazy Rich Asians

 Crazy Rich Asians is a fun, poignant look at the Rom-Com genre told through a fresh lens. 


7. Aquaman

Aquaman is the Thor of the DC Universe and Jason Momoa embraces all the glory and humor that can be found under the seven seas.


6. BlacKKKlansman



Spike Lee writes a seemingly impossible idea... A black man joins the clan..  Only for us to find out its based on a true story


5.  Venom


Tom Hardy alone makes this movie worth watching if only the rest of the cast would have come along for the ride.


4.  They shall not grow old

 A fascinating look at World War I as only Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) can bring to you.


3. Green Book 


The 2018 winner for best picture is worth the rental just for the performances of Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali.


2.  The Favourite

 The Favourite is dark, funny, morbid, funny, odd, funny, unsettling, funny and some of the best acting work of 2018. 



1.  Spider-Man into the Spider-verse

2018's best animated feature is why you bought a 4K HDR TV.  The graphics are mind blowing, the story is fresh, funny and the music will leave you humming after viewing.  Lord and Miller are at their best in this instant classic. 


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