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Lasso me away...

By Roger Legg


"From director Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot in the title role, “Wonder Woman 1984”

fast forwards to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her riding

lightning across the sky, donning wings of gold, and chasing a dream while in pursuit of two new

formidable foes: Max Lord and Cheetah."


Let me say from the start that I am a fan of the first Wonder Woman (2017). I thought it was fun, imaginative, full of action and adventure, and a good origin story. The chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot was palpable. Wonder Woman (2017) has inspired young girls everywhere to be empowered, strong and courageous. With that being said...

WW84 not only fast forwards us to 1984 but it also travels past any semblance of what made the original film great. Sadly the best parts of WW84 are the first three minutes back on Themyscira when she was a child. That as a full length feature would have been a much better film.

The story is at best hit or miss with the motivations for our two villains Max Lord, Pedro Pascal (Kingsman, Mandalorian) and Cheetah, Kristen Wiig (Her, The Martian) so laughable at times I thought maybe it was a secret parody of Wonder Woman. I never once was concerned by either villain being a threat to Wonder Woman or the planet for that matter.

Gal Gadot who so easily fills the role of Wonder Woman, struggles to pull off an emotionally repressed Diana Prince and her chemistry with Steve Trevor, Chris Pine (Hell or Highwater, Star Trek) is strained at best. It even begins to be a little creepy when you realize that Steve Trevor is only occupying someone else's body, making the implied reunion the next morning feel quite uncomfortable.

There are some things to like in WW84. It is beautifully shot and there is a magical moment in a plane. The warriors from Themyscira are bold and beautiful and make the best of their limited screen-time, lead by Antiope, Robin Wright (Blade Runner 2049, The Princess Bride).

There are so many plot holes with the story's macguffin, the wishing stone, that by the end I was hoping Max Lord would grab me so I could wish for a new sequel.

Here's wishing that Gal Gadot gets another chance to redeem her Super Hero.

2 out of 5 stars


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